Over 150-year-old

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François Cabarrús by Goya

 Thérésa Cabarrús by François Gerard

Julián Tallien de Cabarrús

Héctor Cabarrús Conde

Luis Fernando Cabarrús

    Café Don Julián has been produce by the same family since 1860, keeping its rich flavor and premium quality has been an over a century family tradition.

    Our great grandfather, Don Julián Tallien de Cabarrús (great-grandson of Thérésa Cabarrús, and great-great-grandson of François Cabarrús, founder of the Royal Bank of Spain) was a French visioneer and close friend to Maximilian I of Mexico who was sent to Guatemala appointed as the French ambassador to Central America. 

    Living in Guatemala, he got very impressed about the climate and as some others visioneers, he noticed that it was ideal for establishing a coffee plantation. 

    Some years later he became one of the first coffee producers in Guatemala.  His farm and coffee plantations where located in Finca San Julián, near the Atitlán Lake region.

    This farm got expropiated by the Guatemalan govenrment and given to the National University for agricultural studies; the plantation moved to the Suchitepéquez region (the place from where CACAO came from), in the southside of Santa María and Santiaguito volcanos.

    But in the search of better places to grow coffee, in the first half of the XX century Don Héctor Cabarrús C. moved to Finca El Rincón, the place where Don Julián's coffee tradition is still going on and continued by the family decendents.


INSTANT COFFEE - A family invention

    During the first half of the XX century, Don Eduardo Cabarrús (uncle to Don Héctor Cabarrús) colaborating with Federico Lehnoff invented instant coffee.